Den Day Delights!

On Friday, the whole school took part in Save the Children’s Den Day challenge and I think you can agree by the photographs that everyone rose to the challenge!

All the hard work and effort paid off and we managed to raise over £370!  This money will go a long way to help less fortunate children around the world.

Well done Den Builders!


Year 5 Science Day


Year 5 had a great time on Science Day. We learnt how to make and fire rockets, made a simulation of the human digestive system and also made an explosion in a bag.


Science Day

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Year 5 were honoured to be invited to represent South Tyneside at the regional schools’ ‘Fair Trade’ conference which was held at the Civic Centre in Sunderland. We were invited to a ‘Fair Trade’ breakfast and were welcomed by the Lord Mayor of Sunderland, Cllr Barry Cullen.

The conference took place in the council chamber and was opened with a presentation on Shared-Interest. We then heard a presentation by Luz Marina Garcia Ruiz, from the Asprocafe Ingruma Coffee Cooperative, in Colombia, South America. Luz spoke in Spanish and it was really interesting to listen to her being translated into English as she spoke. Finally we took part in a debate representing banana growers, farmers, shippers and supermarkets with each group negotiating their share of the price of a bunch of bananas.

We learnt how little money needs to be added to the cost of our shopping to make an enormous difference to the lives of growers and producers in the developing world.

IMG_1519 IMG_1521 IMG_1526 IMG_1529 IMG_1530 IMG_1532 IMG_1543 IMG_1546