Welcome to Year 1

Dear Parents

Welcome to Year 1.  We hope your child is enjoying their new term and beginning to feel more confident. The children have already settled in quickly to the new Year 1 routines and are loving their new classroom. We thought it would be useful to inform you about classroom routines this year to ensure children have the best start to Year 1.

Children will need their PE kit (blue t-shirt, blue shorts, and trainers) on a Wednesday morning for the whole of this term. We have started a new PE scheme this term which challenges their own ability through exciting and motivating activities.

Homework is normally given out on a Friday night and needs to be returned by the following Thursday, to allow time for marking.  This length hopefully allows children to complete the work at a suitable time for both yourself and your child.   It is essential that children complete their homework to consolidate skills linked to their end of year targets.

All children should now have their new reading book.  We change the children’s reading books every Tuesday, this may also continue into Wednesday. During this time we listen to each child read. Please could you make sure your child brings their books to school every day?  It would also be a huge help if parents could write a comment in the reading record each time reading takes place at home.

Library takes place on a Wednesday afternoon, children need to bring their books back every week.  If they do not want to change their book then they can ask for it to be reallocated to them.

We hope this has helped you to understand our routines better.  If you have any problems or questions please feel free to phone or pop in after school to discuss them.

Thank you for your help

Miss Pack and Mrs McGuire

Year 1 Science Week!

During Science Week Year 1 investigated what animals lived in our garden and where they lived. We started off by predicting what we thought we would find and where we should look for specific animals! Our predictions were excellent!

Once we were in the garden we searched in plant pots, under logs and even in the soil. We were shocked to find lots of animals, some that we had not even predicted. It was important for us to remember what we had found so we recorded each animal and where they lived on a whiteboard with a partner.

The next day, we used everything that we had learnt to write a scientific report. Some of us even explained why  the animals we had found lived in specific places. We even remembered to use our literacy skills in our science report!march 16 045 march 16 046 march 16 047 march 16 048 march 16 050 march 16 051 march 16 052 march 16 053 march 16 055 march 16 056 march 16 057 march 16 058 march 16 059 march 16 060 march 16 061 march 16 063 march 16 064 march 16 065 march 16 066 march 16 067 march 16 068 march 16 069 march 16 070 march 16 072 march 16 073 march 16 075 march 16 077 march 16 078 march 16 079 march 16 080 march 16 081 march 16 082 march 16 083 march 16 085 march 16 086 march 16 087 march 16 088

Easter Celebrations at Whitburn Primary

We have come to the end of a busy week, during which many of our parents have been able to join us to watch the children’s Easter assemblies and view the children’s work. Our final day has been spent with the children performing for each other and decorating eggs for the annual competition. Watch this space for some amazing entries…Website 093 Website 094 Website 118 Website 119

Remembrance Day 2014

On Tuesday 11th November, at precisely 11am, we gathered as a school to remember those who have lost their lives in conflicts since World War I.


Natasha and Freya (Y5) also brought in some of their pocket money to donate to the Royal British Legion – coins they had been saving up for nearly a year!