Year 5 – Parent/child Christmas Craft.

A huge festive thank-you to all of the parents, grand-parents, aunties, uncles and everyone else for coming to our Christmas Craft session yesterday afternoon. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and your wreaths were fab!

Thank-you to Mr and Mrs Price and Mrs Robinson-Wright for donating the craft materials; thank-you to the parents who donated cakes and biscuits.

From Year 5, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Meikle and Mrs Riley.

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Year 5 becomes CNN Film Studio

Year 5 were amazed that CNN News from America heard about our work with the Young Inventors Project and wanted to make a news story of the event for international broadcasting. A film crew travelled from London to interview Kai about his design for the ‘Super Fast Tennis Ball.’ Kai was wired up with a microphone, taught to speak into camera, interviewed, taught how to present his design using close up hand work and was asked to draw himself for inclusion in the feature. The film was then sent to the Hong Kong studio for editing and will be broadcast on 14th March. Watch this space…



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Young Inventors STEAM Day

Year 5 had a brilliant time at the STEAM day at Monkwearmouth working with over sixty designers, technologists, computer programers, artists, crafts people, engineers and technicians. The children had the opportunity to take part in over twenty activities working with world class creators to produce an amazing range of wonderful inventions which helped to inform them of the fantastic career choices they can make in the future…


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Year 5 Visit FabLab

Year 5 enjoyed an interesting visit to FabLab at Sunderland University, following an invitation made during our work with the Young Inventors Project. We watched displays of 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutting and the use of a CNC machine. We heard news that 65% of young people in school today will end up working in jobs which don’t even exist yet. The demonstrations we watched at FabLab certainly gave us a taste of things for the future…


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Spelling Bee Competition

Year 5 ‘Whitburn Warriors’ entered the South Tyneside Spelling Bee inter schools competition. The team competed really well and were ably supported by the rest of Year 5. Sadly, despite their best efforts they did not make the final but we were proud of their¬†hard work in representing our school.

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Year 5 have been learning about the judicial process and the role a Magistrate plays in this. Two of the Magistrates from South Shields visited our class to teach us about their role and then we visited the court to take part in a court room role play where we were all assigned roles to play. Evidence was presented by the prosecutors,¬† the accused was defended, the probation team made their suggestions, the legal advisor gave some great advice and the magistrates made their decisions. The public gallery was packed and we all left knowing a lot more about the judicial process which takes place in a Magistrate’s Court.

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Young Inventors’ Exhibition Opens

Kai, Danny and Mr. Nichols were excited to attend the opening of the Young Inventors’ Exhibition in Sunderland to see the boys’ work on display along with the designs of many of other pupils in Y5. The class are looking forward to visiting the exhibition and working with Dominic Wilcox again at a STEAM day at Monwearmouth Academy