E-safety with the Community Police

When the police came in they covered e-safety perfectly.  They told us what we can access and what we can’t.  We understood everything that they said. P.C. Wilkinson told us about bullying and what you should do when you are getting bullied.  He gave us good advice and tips.  Whatever you do online it will always leave a cyber footprint.


Last week, the police visited Year Six to do an e-safety talk.  They went through how to keep safe online and what to do if you aren’t safe.  They told us which websites, apps and games are safe to use and gave us real life situations to solve.  The police explained the dangers of the internet and the bits most of us can’t live without.  They made it really fun and we all enjoyed it.


Maths in Motion

On Thursday the 8th Year 6 went to The Word!   We worked with maths and racing cars.  We used maths to work out percentages about the fuel and distance.  We used protractors to solve the angles of the track.  At the end of the afternoon we all had a race.  Everyone was really excited and looking forward to the results.

The 1st place was Zane, Finlay and Rupert with Team Caterham.

2nd place Jacob, Harry and Evan with Team Ferrari.

3rd place Natasha, Jessica and Paige with Team Brabham

Linking with Nepal

Children in year 6 wrote letters to children in Nepal.  These were delivered by Linda Barron when she visited earlier this year.  The children were delighted to receive replies when Linda returned to England.  Linda is now raising money to rebuild Budland English school.  Click here to find out more.