Head and Deputy Girls and Boys

Head and Deputy Girls and Boys

Hi I’m Ruby and now I’m officially Head Girl!!!!!!! I’m sooo happy and really proud of myself.

When I found I got head girl I was really happy, it’s the best thing that’s happened to me so far! I will set a good example to the younger ones and treat everyone fairly and I will listen to the pupil’s voices. I know this job will carry out a lot of responsibility and I’m proud to take it on.


My name is Nathan and I’m head boy of Whitburn Village Primary School I’m so honoured to be head boy, it’s one of most important jobs it the school with head girl. It’s been one of my wishes to be head boy and I’m so proud. My family is so proud of me.


Hi my name is Lola and I’m deputy head girl!!!!!!  I can’t wait to start my job. I’m pretty sure people picked me because my speech was creative and I was the only one that did a rhyming speech. On to the next person…


My name is Luke and I got voted deputy head boy and I am really proud of myself because I am getting in loads of meetings like seeing the chair of Governors and going on a few trips or for our schools competition Whitburn’s got talent I will be a judge