Head and Deputy Girls and Boys

I am extremely happy to be head girl. I didn’t think I would ever get it. I am going to be very responsible to the younger children. Can’t believe I am the head girl of WVPS.



I love being deputy head girl I promise to make sure there is absolutely no bullying going on in this school I will also make sure people are playing fare outside and that there is no hitting, kicking and pushing  I will correct people if they are doing the wrong thing. I will not only be responsible in front of the little one I will also acted as a role model in front of my teachers and friends.

I aim to be kind to everyone and not disrespect anyone. I want to show that I can be a forgiving and caring person I am extremely proud that I got the job of being deputy head girl. I hope that I can make a change in how some people act.

Thank you to all the teachers who voted for me

Ruby x


I want to make the school a safe and fun place so everyone enjoys it. Also, I want to make other people encouraged to be head boy or girl. I want to make sure everyone is okay if they feel embarrassed or they fall over. My goal is to make sure everyone is happy and okay so that if anyone needs me, I’ll be there to help people.



I am going to be happy, well behaved, caring and helpful so other kids see my behaviour and copy me.

Teachers and kids feel the benefits of everyone being happy, well behaved, caring and helpful.  That makes the school a better place.