Head Boy & Girl and Deputy Head Boy & Girl


Hi, my name is Tilly. I am very grateful to be head girl. I hope I can help anyone I can and make them happy. Here are some things about me. I like musical theatre. I go to MTS, which stands for Musical Theatre Studio. I hope I can help.

Hi my name is Darcie Rose. I am very happy to be your new deputy head girl. I am always here if you need  somebody to talk to or if you ever need any help. I am a happy, kind and friendly girl. I love to play football,dance and go sailing with my dad. I can’t wait to go on this amazing journey of being your new deputy head girl and I hope I can put a smile on each one of your faces.

Hello, I am Manav. I am so proud of myself for achieving this amazing role in the school. I love reading, writing, maths and art. Being head boy means a lot to me, This means that I can prove what a kind and caring person I am. I am very competitive and will want to win no matter what. I cannot wait to help people and make this school even better!