We have all been thinking about mental health across school today. The children in Nursery and Reception enjoyed extra time learning outside in the fresh air. They worked together making an obstacle course, hunting for mini beasts and making lava. In review time, the children talked about what they did outside and how they had helped a friend!

Year 1 made happiness jars and drew all of the things that make them happy.

Year 2 enjoyed the story Gory Rory Fangface and then did 10 minutes of quiet reading time. They then followed the illustrators instructions for drawing Gory Rory Fangface.

Key Stage 2 took 10 with Susie Dent and found out about some of the wonderful words she included in her book “Roots of Happiness”. The children then took part in the Take Ten to Read challenge which was to complete ten minutes of quiet reading. Reading can calm your mind and help you to relax.