Year five and six had the opportunity this week to work with Sadler Brown and Riba Architecture for the day. We were thinking about how spaces work and our targets for the day were to work well as part of a team and to produce good quality work. After an introduction to architecture, we took part in a team challenge to build the highest tower capable of holding a golf ball up, using only newspaper and sellotape. We had some amazing ideas and some crafty ones.  When the task finished, we had to explain what we had made, why we’d made it like that and what we would do next time to improve.

We then moved on to looking at Whitburn and identified what we like about our area and what we would like to improve. We then considered what Whitburn will be like in the next fifty or hundred years before planning and making a model that could possibly exist in Whitburn in the future. We considered energy, housing, transport, shops and schools.
At the end of the day we created Whitburn Village in the future using our models.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned a lot about teamwork, reflection and evaluation.